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Illusions of Tainted Moonlight

Broken Fragments of My Mind

Like for Serious?

{The Illustrious MuffinQueen!}
Seventy-Two WaysAnd This Matters Why?One World, One Word
Let’s pretend the world is ours. Let’s believe for five seconds that we can change the face of what is into what can be for the better.

If we can, if we do, it we pretend for just a moment in time, we can forget it’s not that easy. We can forget living in this world is hard, let alone changing it.

But if we forget, then we’ll believe for a moment that everything we do will matter. Because that’s the thing: everything we do does matter. We just forget because we’re so let down from all of life’s rejections.

Let’s pretend.

Let’s rejoice.

And then we’ll watch as the world is shaped because we were too hard-headed to believe that it should stay the way it was.
Only a fool thinks the world can be held in the palm of their hands. The world is too complex for any such thing. It does not bend and cater to your will – but what you can do, is bend and stretch to view what it has to offer. Things won’t come to you. They never will.

Like a treasure you must be willing to get up and discover what it is and where it lies. And yes, sometimes you’ll fail. But sometimes you’ll succeed, and the triumph overpowers the taste of every defeat.

-Just Live
There’s a truth in words that can never be erased. There’s a haven, there’s a sanctuary, there’s a life. There is everything and nothing held within words stringing together to make a sentence, a paragraph, a speech. Everything that is said will forever leave an imprint. Because that’s the thing. People listen when stuff is said, people hear when there is things to hear. They may not like. They may critique. But the words shall always be swallowed and always be judged. So if what you say or write shall be evaluated whether consciously or unconsciously by others, then the most important thing is that they should tell others about you. Not who you are or what you like, but you. Your essence, your soul, your true self. That is the most important part that you have to offer. So just infuse your life with yourself and nothing will ever fall astray. Nothing will ever be wrong, because you have given of yourself and made your mark. You can never fail yourself, only continue to be.We share this time. We share this space. My world is your world. My space is your space.

But we shall always remain different from each other. We shall always be apart. Something different in something so beautifully the same.

It is this complexity that creates the medley we live in. This is the human family.

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